Customer service awesomeness – the way every outdoor and skitour shop should be doing it

by: Dan Renyi

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I had a very very positive experience the other day with an online store that primarily sell skitouring and freeride gear. They don’t sponsor us, nor did they ask me to promote them… it’s the pure satisfaction and happyness beating in my heart that promted me to sit down and write my story.
Here is the story in short:

More than a year ago, I ordered a ski touring set for 800 euros from Germany. I was happy to receive the stuff within days. As it turned out, there was an annoying mistake that never turned up during the first tests. Namely, the 300-350 Euro bindings on one of the skis had been drilled probably about 5mm off. Now, this isn’t a huge problem, unless you want to be skinning with the heel-lift in the second (higher) position. Because this 5mm error makes it impossible to use the heel lift in the higher position.

Very problemeatic, right?
So, I went and wrote an email to customer service, asking them for advice. I also told them that I wasn’t counting on remuneration because the sale had taken place over a year ago… To my surprise, an answer came within a couple hours reassuring me that they’re here to help me. At first, they offered a new, free heel-lift and assured me that they’d cover the costs of having it installed professionally at my local shop.

I told them, “naa, that wouldn’t help” – because the problem is most likely with the drilling and not with the heel-lift of the Marker F10 bindings.”OK, take it to your local shop, have them redrill the skis and we’re covering the costs” – came the quick reply. That’s not a good idea, I thought and told them that I don’t want to have new holes drilled right next to the old ones in my spanking new Dynafit skis. They understood and my customer service rep asked me to post them the skis (with them reimbursing the cost of postage) and they’ll figure something out.

marker f10


The following weekend I had a couple of hours to play around with the skis… I changed bindings between the two skis and for some reason, this did the trick. It’s probably that the binding’s holes expanded a millimeter, but 9 out of 10 times, the heel-lift worked in the second position.

I wrote this down to my customer service rep who was happy to hear the news and told me that the brand new heel-lifts are lying on his desk and if it’s not a problem, he’ll post them for me. And should any problems come up during the season, I should let him know and they will work it out.

I think these guys went beyond what’s expected of them, so I’m happy to promote them – Sport Conrad of Germany.

If you have a similar positive or negative experience, let me know in the comments!