Big Mountain Ski Mountaineering in an Unusual Place

by: Dan Renyi


Today’s dose of visual beauty comes to us from a place where not a lot of (not enough of!) climbing/skiing movies are born… the Tien Shan mountians of Kyrgyzstan. I stumbled upon this piece of ski mountaineering beauty in Powder mag.

The movie does a very decent job of depicting rural Kyrgyzstan without trying to romanticise the poverty. This movie is not about going for huge drops and extreme shit – it’s about doing what you love in an unusual setting; I mean, how cool is it when you stay in a yurt in the middle of the mountain after a huge day!?

We regularly visit Kyrgyzstan for the classic Lenin Peak climb, but may look into getting our feet wet with some less obvious adventures to pumping your adrenalin levels. It’s a beautiful, widely unexplored country.

If you want ski mountaineering with a bit of cultural beauty but would rather not travel to Asia, why not try ski mountaineering or winter climbing in the High Tatras of Slovakia?