Learn About Our Grades

You’ll see that we grade our climbs according to three factors: technical difficulty, physical difficulty and the level of culture shock. Let us explain what we mean by each…

Physical Difficulty of Trips

  1. Alpine trekking – up to 1200 m of vertical in a day on short trips
  2. Longer trips with high daily loads of 1000 m+ vertical
  3. Climbs involving 1000 m+ of vertical climbing above 4000 meters
  4. Same as Level 3 with the addition of speed as a must
  5. Climbs to summits over 6000 meters in altitude

Technical Difficulty Grades

  1. Trekking on rocks or snow to 25 degrees steepness, no hands required
  2. Alpine Grade PD – 30-45 degree snow/firnice axe required, may have to use with hands, as you may meet UIAA Grade III rock.
  3. Alpine grade AD: 40-55 degree slopes or UIAA grade-III rock
  4. “My feet are shaking!” Alpine grade D: 50-70 degree snow-walls or UIAA IV-V rock: serious stuff
  5. D graded climbs None of our package trips do this level, but you can request an expert to accompany you for your D or higher graded project.

Culture Shock Grading

As far as the cultural environment of your country/area of destination, we have set up grades to indicate what degree of culture shock you may expect.

  1. Your usual cultural environment, no big surprises in relation to Anglo-Saxon way of life
  2. A little different than what you are used to at home, but no big suprises
  3. Your trip is a cultural experience in itself, with amusing differences form what you’re used to at home.
  4. This is a different world; you have to significantly alter your expectations and behaviour.
  5. Possibility of extreme culture shock; forget any rules you may have brought from home, life runs completely differently than what you can even dream up.