ClimbBigMountains Guide

Occupation: climbing guide and ski instructor

Spoken languages: English, French, Spanish, Catalan

Favorite trip: Montserrat rock-climbing

Other  trips: Pyrenees ski touring

Ski and climbing guide, Cesc began to ski in the Pyrenees at the age of 10. A couple of years later he started climbing as well. He has been hiking and climbing every corner of Montserrat and the Pyrenees ever since. He is happy to have bagged more than thirty peaks in the Alps, paid two visits in the Andes of Peru and Bolivia, next to going on several trips to the most famous walls and massifs in the world (Yosemite, Indian Creek, Verdon, Vercors Wadi Rum, Hoggar, Taghia, Tien Shan, just to name a few). In winter time, the Pyrenees is his playground, as he adores cross country skiing, ski touring, and freeride. Otherwise, you’ll find him on the crags of Montserrat.