Responsible Travel – Leave No Trace

You can go to lots of outfitters’ pages and read pretty much the same stuff under Responsible Travel… And that’s good, because those things need to be talked about and written down time and time again. And they especially need to be adhered to. But…

I’ll spare you of a beautiful green vision and big PR words on sustainability, …mmKay? 🙂

Instead, I’ll tell you what it is we actually DO day-by-day in order to leave as small a footprint as possible – and to feel good. We don’t have a ‘leave no trace policy’ or anything fancy like that. What happens is that starting with office and everyday life, we strive to integrate rationality into transportation and our use of resources.

Here are just a few things that ClimbBigMountains does to help Mother Earth:

  • We hate paper. Every document in the office is produced and stored electronically only. As far as “output”, are down to an average of 4.2 printed pages per week! We’re proud of that. Reading long text on the screen does take some getting used to, but it’s good.
  • ClimbBigMountains hardly ever rents cars, buses on long trips and strives to use public transportation where available. This not only reduces CO2 emission but also gets us closer to foreign cultures. Sharing public transport is one of the best ways you can gain insight into the everyday lives of people
  • We are working on offsetting the CO2 emission of our guided trips to the Alps. More on that in coming blogposts and newsletter updates.
  • Clients who are found to have littered on the mountain are tarred and feathered by mountain guides. Then, they are cast into exile and aren’t allowed to re-enter their country of residence.
  • Employees all ride bicycles to work at least 2-3 times a week. On the remainder of the week (or when the weather is crap), they take public transportation. Once in a while, the CEO comes by car; then he gets frowned upon.

We’re not perfect and there’s a whole lot more we could and should do. So this is an area ClimbBig keeps working on and if you have suggestions, we’d love to hear from you.