Terms and Conditions

Read the terms of participation below. Please do not apply for a trip if you cannot accept it in part or its entirety. For any questions, please contact us.

Attention! Mountaineering is a dangerous sport. Although hiring an experienced guide significantly reduces the risks, it does not provide complete safety.

The parties to the contract are the client, further on referred to as client and ClimbBigMountains, the service provider, further on referred to as provider. All conditions of obligations of the provider regarding the client are specified in the Terms of Participation. Ignoring these premises results in the exclusion from participation.
1. These terms govern one trip chosen by the client from the provider’s webpage. It entails pre-trip consultancy, reservation of accommodation, hospitality service, organising of on-site-programmes, guiding and managing these duties.

2. The client’s duties are only valid for the services listed in 1. Any other applying charges connected to these services such as travel costs, accommodation, transportation, local fees, taxes and tickets or potential costs of local assistants/porters have to be paid separately to the provider on site and are not governed by these terms.

3. The requirements of participation:

a) a booking via the provider’s website and the acceptance of these terms;
b) sufficient technical experience and fitness level for the desired trip on behalf of the client and the provider accepting the application of the client
c) full payment of the service’s price

4. The provider may deny provision of services and thus participation prior to the trip if the client’s experience for the trip is deemed insufficient based on the client’s accounts.

5. A deposit of 40% of the service’s price is to be paid upon application if

a) the client claims to have sufficient experience and the provider agrees to his/her participation based on the client’s accounts;
b) the provider confirms that the client has a place for the desired trip departure date
c) the trip’s price exceeds £200.
For trips whose prices do not exceed £200, the fee must be paid in one lump sum upon application.

6. The client is to pay the full price of the service not less than 35 days prior to trip start. Expeditions require an earlier application and booking.

7. The participation fee covers the services listed in the programme on the provider’s website. All other fees and expenses must be paid by the client including insurance and local taxes.

8. The participation fee may change due to fluctuations in currencies’ exchange rates and inflation. Prices are subject to change until the 21st day prior to departure. In such cases the provider must notify the client via email. If this rate of change in service fees exceeds 10% of the participation fee, the client may cancel participation 14 days prior to departure and reimburse the client with all fees paid by the client to the provider, but not any fees paid by the client to third parties including insurance agencies and airlines.

9. If the number of participants does not reach the minimum number needed to start a trip, the provider is to inform the client at least 14 days prior to departure that the service is cancelled. In such case the provider is to reimburse the client as set in 8.

10. The cancelling or modification of a booked trip on behalf of the client draws the following fees:

a) £50 fee if changing dates/canceling occurs more than 45 days prior to departure
b) 40% of the participation fee if changing dates/canceling occurs 44-35 days prior to departure
c) 75% of the participation fee if changing dates/canceling occurs 34-14 days prior to departure
d) 100% of the participation fee if changing dates/canceling occurs 13 or fewer days prior to departure.

11. The client agrees to submit to the ordinance and instructions of the trip’s guide(s) throughout the trip’s entirety.

12. The client takes the responsibility if causing damage to third parties during the trip, as the provider does not take responsibility for the client’s actions. The provider also does not take responsibility for the services if they cannot be fulfilled properly due to the client’s lack of cooperation with the guide’s or guides’ instructions, unexpected natural or social reasons (lack of snow or ice, tropical storm, drought, landslides, political circumstances, illness, war etc.).

13. The client is to announce a complaint to the provider’s customer service via phone or email immediately if he/she deems that terms of participation and service provision are being breached by the provider of if the level of service is judged insufficient. Any damage which resulted from the delay of the complaint is to be paid by the client. The guide of the provider (or its local provider) is obliged to document the complaint and has to give a copy of that to the client. If there aren’t any guides – and if the problems were not solved by the provider on site- then the client is obliged to inform the provider. Moreover, the client has to list all of the complaints to the provider until the 8th day following the trip.

14. Any damage to the provider’s equipment caused by the client resulting from proper use are to be repaired and financed by the provider. Any damage to equipment resulting from the misuse of equipment on the client’s behalf is to be paid by the client.

If the client does not have sufficient insurance, he/she may not take part on the trip.

16. The client accepts the above terms with his/her application on the provider’s website.