Meru – Acclimatisation Trip for Kilimanjaro


“Fascinating flora, mystical mist and scenery that surely comes from a fairy tale. This 4-day trekking trip is like taking a journey in Alice’s Wonderland.”
Meru – Acclimatisation Trip for Kilimanjaro

Mt. Meru, the little sister of Kilimanjaro, appears tiny with its 4,566 m next to the sacred mountain. As a consequence, only a handful of people climb it every year. People are not aware of what they are missing out on! Although Umbwe offers a magical scenery from Kilimanjaro, Meru is still something unique with its fascinating flora, mystical mist and scenery that surely comes from a fairy tale. It is not Lewis Caroll but Mother Nature that formed this volcano, which by the way is still active. The panorama you will see from the peak will completely change your expectations about Kilimanjaro.

Note: You can book this trip only together with Kilimanjaro.

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You don't need serious mountaineering experience. All that's required here is a good level of fitness and tolerance for other cultures. Note: You can book this trip only together with Kilimanjaro.

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Day 1. Arrival to the foot of Kilimanjaro

You land in Kilimanjaro International Airport (or Nairobi International Airport). You meet up with your guide and spend the night in Moshi, in a nice hotel. You will get an impressive view of Africa’s rooftop from the city.


Day 2. Moshi (990 m) – Arusha (1,510 m) – Miriakamba Hut (2,510 m)

After your breakfast, you quickly pack up and leave. The van will take you to the little sister of Kilimanjaro, to Mt. Meru. You will shortly arrive to Arusha, where you embark on a fantastic jungle tour on the side of the volcano. If you can’t imagine more impressive forests than those found on Umbwe, well, Meru will prove you wrong. You will enjoy an incredibly colorful vegetation and an amazingly cheerful bird colony. Today count on 1000 m of elevation. You will sleep on a tiny field at Miriakamba Hut. [distance: 10 km; level: up 1000 m; duration: 5h]


Day 3. Miriakamba-Hit (2,510 m) – Saddle Hut (3,560 m)

Your day will be short but hard. The path that takes you to the saddle is extremely steep. The forests are replaced by bushes, then finally by grassland. Expect heavy winds. You will put up your tent next to the little hut and go to sleep soon. [distance: 5 km; level: up 1050 m; duration: 4h]


Day 4. Saddle Hut (3,560 m) – Meru (4,566 m) – Arusha (1,510 m)

Today you get up early, because your day will be long. You will leave at sunrise so you can climb Africa’s 5th highest but probably most beautiful peak. Throughout your trip you will catch sight of the impressive peak of the big sister, which will help you overcome the toughest moments. You will reach the top around noon just to find the most fascinating view to Africa. Soon you start your descent, straight down till the foot of Meru. The van will be waiting for you to take you to Moshi. You’ll surely need to rest before your big adventure. [distance: 16 km; level: up 1006 m, down 3056 m; duration: 10h]

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Equipment and Info

Same as what refers to Kilimanjaro.

Note: You can book this trip only together with Kilimanjaro.

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