Schneeberg – A One-Day Winter Trip

The Perfect First Snowshoe or Ski Touring Trip

Skin up your skis or strap a pair of snowshoes on and jump in to the fresh powder snow of the Eastern Alps. It might be your first winter experience or you may have bagged a few winter peaks already, but this experience will stroke your soul for a long time.


Schneeberg – A One-Day Winter Trip

Hey, it’s just an hour’s drive from downtown Vienna – and already you can be munching the snow under your snowshoes or skis. It’s easy to escape the “greywinter” weather of cities and reward yourself with a day of sunshine in a spectacular high mountain region. You can choose between ski touring and snowshoeing, but the trip to the Klosterwappen (2,076 m) in winter condition will be an unforgettable experience either way. If you want to try winter hiking, or you love off-piste skiing, the Schneeberg trip is the very best choice.

No equipment needed, skis and snowshoes are included in the price!

Further Info

It can be your first high mountain trip in winter conditions, but you need very good skiing skills (if you choose that option over snowshoeing). If you prefer to hire a pair of skis (free of charge), please send us your shoe size and your body height.

Is this trip for you?

Physical Difficulty
Technical Difficulty
Cultural Shock


Meet your guide at 9 AM at the car park of Hinterm Faden, a bit above the village of Losenheim. Strap on the snowshoes or clip into your skis and start the ascent on a classical route, via Wurzengraben.

The chairlift takes you up to the Edelweisshütte in a few minutes, and you find yourself in a fabled winter world. Pass around the mountain from the north, and continue your way up in a scenic pine forest.

Leaving behind the mystical snowy trails, you continue towards the Fischerhütte next to a steep rocky face. At the hut, you can have lunch and take a short break. Head south on to the ridge, and voilá, you’re there!

Take many-many pictures from the summit. For the skiers the real fun starts here. Short kickturns in the couloir and nice long curves in the fresh snow. It will be a very fulfilling one-hour descent back to the car park. If you choose the snowshoe, you can enjoy the scenery longer.

You arrive back to the car park around 3-5 PM.

Equipment and Info


You meet the team at around 9 AM in Losenheim at the car park of the Hinterm Faden. Click here for the map.


In the Alps above 2,000 meters, it’s hard to predict the weather, even a few days ahead, especially in winter. It can be as cold as -15 Celsius in the morning when you start from the hut and as warm as +3 – +5, when the sun heats up the air, which feels a lot hotter with the intensive sunshine penetrating the thinner atmoshpere and reflecting back from the snow.

If meteorology predicts a big, Europe-wide cold front with storms (ie: no chance of being able to climb), then we cancel the trip and postpone it to a later date, agreed on by everyone. Even if good weather is predicted, we can still run into a snowstorm and fog. For the sake of your safety and enjoyment, the guide may turn the group around on the summit bid if (s)he so judges. That means, no summit. This is a decision you have to accept. There is no democracy on guided trips, the guide is responsible for the group’s safety, so he makes the calls.

Note that (especially) in the winter there is significant avalanche danger. Check how you can prepare for avalanche safety with proper route planning. Read our post about Schneeberg avy situation here.

Strength, Stamina

This is an introductory trip and everyone leading a sporty lifestyle (ie: exercising 3 times a week for at least an hour, working up a sweat) can manage the trip. However, it is important that you arrive well rested.


Price includes equimpent hire, so you need not worry about technical gear. (ski touring skis, skins, or snowshoes). You need to bring your own ski boots and they need not necessarily be skitouring boots. Please let us know about your shoe size and your body height.

Of course, you may bring your own gear if you prefer, but regrettably, we can’t discount the price of the trip should you bring your own stuff.

What you do need to bring is good climbing boots broken in, so they won’t hurt your feet. Check here what we recommend.

Here is a list that may be helpful to get yourself organized before the trip:

  • underclothing
  • trekking socks
  • trekking/ski poles
  • rucksack – 25 liters
  • waterproof pants – make sure you treat them with water-repellent prior to your trip
  • waterproof jacket/softshell – make sure you treat it with water-repellent prior to your trip
  • two pairs of gloves
  • warm hat
  • bandana/cap against the sun
  • sunscreen (min. factor 30) and lip balm
  • sunglasses
  • fleece sweaters/vest
  • hiking/ski boots
  • sandals/running shoes for life in the valley

If you want to learn more about equipment, check our detailed guide to alpine gear here.


  • you can buy warm food and drinks in the huts
  • you need to bring sandwiches/energy bars/candy bars for the climb
  • bring 2 litres of water

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