Unguided Rock-Climbing in Montserrat

Discover 4,000 climbing routes in 4 days ... or as many as you want

Magical rock formations, more than 4,000 sports and trad routes, breath-taking scenery and excellent Mediterranean gastronomy. Discover one of the most emblematic rock climbing spots in Catalonia, and the whole of Spain!

Unguided Rock-Climbing in Montserrat

Only an hour from Barcelona, Montserrat is the biggest rock-climbing spot in Spain. With more than 4,000 routes, it’s a paradise for those of us who can’t get enough of rocks. It’s not just the abundance but the variety of the routes that will amaze you. And, yeah, the scenery. Once a river delta, Montserrat is a collection of fascinating rock formations which even have their names. You’ll meet the Mummy, the Pregnant Woman, the Elephant, and the Freedom Cap, just to name a few.

But wait, let’s get more serious. In Montserrat you can find routes from 4a to 8b+, for all types of rock climbing. It doesn’t matter if you are a lover of sports routes or a fan of trad climbing, you’ll have a wide selection. You can do scenic single-pitch routes one day and try multi-pitch routes, up to 500 m, the next day. The conglomerate will trick you in the beginning but you’ll feel very good about yourself by the end of the first day.

If you don’t want to bring your own equipment or wouldn’t mind to have an expert who knows this huge treasure land as the back of his hand, here’s our guided offer for you.

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Further Info

This is just the perfect place for rock-climbing. Unlimited number of routes, amazing environment, pleasant climate. If the date is not good for you, let us know - we're the most flexible team on Earth, as you already know. Extra days can be added for ₤65. If you decide for a guided trip, check our offer.

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Physical Difficulty
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Cultural Shock


As this trip is unguided, it is perfectly up to you what you do and when. You’ll find fab walls to climb both sports routes and big walls.

In addition to climbing, you can pick from multiple fun activities. Montserrat is not just a crag with a church. You can trek, do via ferratas, visit the nearby Monastery for some peace of mind, or get a taste of the Catalan joy of life in the neighbouring towns. If you are interested what we would do, check the program for our guided trip to Montserrat.

Equipment and Info


Montserrat is located in the Northern part of Spain, in the region of Catalonia. The “Saw Mountains” are famous for their unique geology: these fairy-talish rock-formations, like the Mummy, the Elephant, the Pregnant Woman, the Cat, and so go the names, were once in a river delta. Montserrat is also well known for the ancient sanctuary, the Monastery of the Black Virgin.

As the place lies only about 50km from the city of Barcelona, which has a comfy international airport, it is an awesome destination for rock climbers.. The spots can be reached from the cities surrounding the mountain (like Monsitrol, El Bruc or Collbató) within 15-45 minutes. The walls are 15 to 500 meters high, of conglomerate rock.

Strength, Stamina

These trips are designed for small groups, so everyone can find routes according to one’s physical ability. Everyone leading a sporty lifestyle (ie: exercising 3 times a week for at least an hour, working up a sweat) can manage and enjoy the rocks. If you are a newbie and want to have a training first, sign up for our rock-climbing course!


Montserrat has a very stable climate, with not a lot of rain and snow. The best time to climb is from April to early June, and from late September to November, because it is not too hot then. Bring sun-cream and sunglasses though.


As this is an unguided trip, you need to bring your own equipment for rock-climbing.


During your trip you will stay in a nice guest house, either in one of the towns around Montserrat (Monistrol, El Bruc or Collbató) or right next to the famous Monastery.


Montserrat is not only a climbing paradise; it is also a popular spot for tourists visiting Barcelona or Girona. Whether you stay in the apartments next to the Monastery, or in the neighbouring towns (Monistrol, El Bruc or Collbató), you will find stores, bars, and restaurants for your daily meals. A beer/coke costs about 2-3 euro and a lunch/dinner about 12-15 euro.

Get some practical advice on food so you maximize your climbing performance – here.

Getting There

Montserrat is located 48 km from Barcelona. Barcelona has an international airport (El Prat), which is the destination of several low cost airlines. From Barcelona, you can approach Montserrat both by train or by bus, which doesn’t take more than 1.5 hr.

Extra Costs

  • insurance (if you want, we can help you with the insurance)
  • your trip to/from Montserrat (if you want, we can help you with your transfer)
  • food and drinks
  • souvenirs

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