Unguided Rock-Climbing in Croatia

Spectacular 300-meter walls above an Adriatic fjord, (not) only for rock-climbing fans

You sure have climbed big walls but have you tried to do it above a Mediterranean fjord? How about some sexy rock-climbing in a cool Balkan-style coastal town? Omis has all it takes: 300-meter high, great quality limestone rocks to climb, perfect weather conditions, some compelling view … and other fun stuff if you get enough of rocks. You and your buddies can still choose from windsurfing, kitesurfing, kayaking, rafting or just sipping Mai Tai on the beach.

Unguided Rock-Climbing in Croatia

Although Croatia has impressive mountains and a beautiful coastline, it is not as popular and touristic as Italy, for example. Dalmatia, the Southern part of Croatia, is exceptionally charming with its small towns of ancient Roman origin and its compelling natural beauty. Omis, just 30 km from Split, offers a wide range of fun activities. It goes without saying, for us rock-climbing is on the top of the list.

In Omis you’ll find yourself surrounded with a wide variety of walls up to 300 meters and routes from level 4a till 7c, all of excellent limestone. If you are already skilled, have your stuff and are bored of climbing coaches, we offer you unguided tours. For those of you who prefer an experienced guide at your hand, you can pick our guided package.

Don’t worry if you wanna bring your spouse but they are afraid of climbing (one: we can still try and make them love it – it wouldn’t be unprecedented; two: they’ll find a lot of other activities in the town, from rafting on river Cetina to surfing in the Adriatic sea. Come and explore the rocks of Dalmatia before the summer madness kicks in.

Further Info

This is the perfect spot for rock-climbing in an amazing environment. The walls are of excellent quality limestone which doesn't break and sticks like glue. :-) If the date is not good for you, let us know - we're the most flexible team on Earth, as you already know. Extra days can be added for ₤65. If you decide for a guided trip, check our offer.

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As this trip is unguided, it is perfectly up to you what you do and when. You’ll find grand walls to climb both in and around Omis. We’ll give you a full guide book on rock-climbing spots in Dalmatia, including Omis, Brela, Baska Voda or Split.

In addition to climbing, you can pick from multiple fun activities. Omis is not just a crag on the seaside. Windsurfing, kayaking, canyoning or rafting are just a couple of those cool stuff this small town can do for you. If you are interested what we would do, check the program for our guided trip to Omis.

Equipment and Info


Omis is located in the Southern part of Croatia, in the region called Dalmatia. The town, just 30 km from the city of Split, which has an international airport, is lying at the mouth of river Cetina. Rock-climbing spots are partly in the city or can be reached in a light 20-minute walk. The walls are 10 to 300 meters high, of great quality limestone.


Since Omis offes a wide variety of rock-climbing spots, everyone can find routes according to one’s physical ability. Routes vary from 4a to 7b.


The early and late summer months (May, June, September) have warm temperatures and little rain – just perfect for climbing. The average max temperature may reach some 25°C so bring sunglasses and suncream. If it happened to rain, the sea breeze dries the rocks in a couple of hours and you can get back on the rocks again.


As this is an unguided trip, you need to bring your own equipment for rock-climbing.


During your trip you will stay in a nice guesthouse in Omis. Comfy 2-4 beded rooms, with shower, toilet and kitchen.


Omis is a nice little touristic town, with tons of good taverns and restaurants. It is worth trying the local fish offer (there’s even a fish market you can check out for the real flavour) but some of our colleagues are returning guests of a cool burek joint. Food stores are open all week.

Get some practical advice on food so you maximize your climbing performance – here.

Getting There

Omis is located 30 kms from Split International Airport. There are several low cost airlines flying to Split. From the airport you will have a transfer to Omis.

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